Gasket Magic

Solution for Blown Head Gasket,
Car Overheating and Loss of Coolant

Who is Gasket Magic?

GASKET MAGIC WORKS. Every Time. On Petrol or Diesel. Turbos. 4×4’s. Trucks. Forklifts. Generators. Racing Cars. Motorbikes. Safe on Aluminium.

Since 2012, we have saved many, many customers Thousands of Rand’s each. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t have had so many customers phone us to say thank you. We wouldn’t have had customers coming back to buy for friends or refer other people. We wouldn’t have had repair shops buy 100 units at a time to fix customers cars. We wouldn’t have offered a money back guarantee!

Having a mechanic repair your head gasket WILL cost thousands. Mostly TENS of thousands. You are going to be without your car for days. And if they don’t do a proper job, you will have the same problem. Often these repairs are not guaranteed, or only for a few months. Even the most reputable agents often find it costs more than they anticipated.

You can fix your cars’ head gasket problem yourself in 10 minutes. Read the testimonials from just a few of the many satisfied customers. 4×4 and outdoor enthusiasts can’t afford to venture off road into the unknown without a bottle of Gasket Magic. If your vehicle overheats and blows a gasket – the cost to get the vehicle back to civilization is astronomic – never mind the inconvenience or danger being stranded. But if you had Gasket Magic- no problem.

Gasket Magic lasts for years and will not clog your radiator, thermostat or heater cores.

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Symptoms of a Blown Gasket

  • Water in oil (on cap, dipstick or Sump). If you have oil in water, see tips and tricks.
  • Radiator bubbling, or building up pressure.
  • Oil, or oil cap dirty. Almost like a milky, frothy or brown color.
  • Water, steam or vapour from the exhaust. Possibly white smoke for a few seconds after startup.
  • Car engine overheating.
  • Loss of water (coolant).
  • Engine misfiring.
  • Some spark plugs oily, black or dirty.
  • Car running hot. losing power. this is due to loss of compression.
  • Water or coolant seeping from engine block or cracked head.
  • Smell of water/steam coming from your interior fan.

Not all of the above symptoms may be present at the same time

How it Works

It’s simple. Just pour the solution into the cooling system, idle the car for 10 minutes and drive away. You don’t need to be a mechanic to do it.

As soon as your engine’s thermostat opens up when the coolant is at the correct temperature, Gasket Magic will circulate through the system and find the problem. It is a chemical formula solution that will form a cohesive, non corrosive bond with the metal where your head gasket is leaking. It can even seal cracked heads or blocks, and welsh plugs. And it can last for years! It is NOT just a suspension with particles that will clog holes! It seems like magic, but it works scientifically.

One bottle is normally sufficient for 8 cylinder motors.



We have had testimonials from Mercedes, Bmw, Volvo, Toyota, Jaguar,
Opel, Landrover, Alfa, Jeep and who knows what other kinds of car owners. All have the same story. It worked! Below are just some of them.

Just some feedback for you, we have put it in four vehicles so far, two Kia bakkies, one BMW E36 325i and one nissan sentra and thus far every one of them is working great. You have an amazing product and we are telling all our customers that if the day comes and a head gasket goes they know what to do.

We are in the process of setting up to be able to order larger quantities more often. So look forward to doing more business with you guys.

Kind Regards.

Ryan , Rival Motors.

My mechanic told me, in no uncertain terms, that the engine was shot due to a blown head gasket, rendering the vehicle valueless as the repair would have exceeded the car’s worth.  The reason being, a bmw with an aluminium block is very easily warped and as this particular engine is almost impossible to work with the advice was to replace the engine at a collossal price! With oil sloshing around the radiator being my only clue to there being a problem in the first place and no bubbling coolant or vapour from the exhaust and temperature remaining at normal at all times, I couldn’t write the entire car off especially as there was no noticable decline in power, etc. Nevertheless, there was a  problem and I was under no  illusion as to it’s severity and the fact that it was probably ‘tickets’ where the vehicle and my bank account were concerned. And then I came across your product. And It worked. It’s still working. The car is repaired. No oil where it shouldn’t be, no lingering oil residue, no problems whatsoever. From to despair to delight and just before Christmas. Thank you.

Best wishes for the season and new year and thank you once again.

Linda Darham

Thanks for going out of your way to send me the product in time. Just some feedback on the product. My Honda Civic overheated and a head gasket leak was confirmed at Silverton Radiators. The pressure test indicated a drop in pressure and the chemical test also showed a gasket leak. I flushed the radiator and engine, filled it up and used the gasket magic and drove for about 30km. After cooling down I again flushed the system and filled the system with coolant and water. I went back to Silverton and they performed the same test again. The pressure was constant and the chemical test did not show any leaks. I now just hope that the results will last

Best Regards

Louwrens Erasmus

The developed a miss and once you had driven for awhile and parked, she would have trouble starting, so much so that she sounded like an angry John Deer tractor waking up at 4:00 in the morning. I had her diagnosed as having a blown head gasket. I personally think the word ‘blown’ was a bit strong, she had more of a leak, and under pressure she was leaking water into the cylinder, making everything nice and wet and thus the  sparkplug couldn’t ignite the fuel when needed. A gas test was done as well the radiator check and although none of the tell tale signs of a blown head gasket were evident (water in the oil, overheating etc) she did have steam coming out of the exhaust (excessive) and when the radiator cap was removed it looked like she had a Jacuzzi in there. I followed the procedure on the Gasket Magic bottle to the letter (which was difficult because the writing is waaaay to small to read comfortably). I drained the radiator and flushed all the anti freeze out, refilled and ran the Jeep until operating temp was normal. I added both bottles (although in hind site only 1 would have been sufficient) and about 40seconds later the tone of the engine started to change and suddenly the miss was gone and she was idling beautifully. I drove her for about 60km before letting her stand and cool down overnight. The next day I drained the radiator, flushed and refilled with normal water and anti freeze. I have now done around 800km of both highway and town driving and she still runs like a dream. No more head gasket leak! Now I know some die-hards will shout “Temporary fix”, and that it may be, time will tell, but if it means spending under R400 to fix something that would have cost R25000? Ill take temporary any day.

Shaun Pershouse, 2001 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LTD 4.7 V8

A friend of mine called me when he heard I was trying Gasket Magic as his Opel had just blown its head gasket. This was a true ‘Blow” as it had all the correct symptoms with the exception of water in the oil, for some reason it hadn’t got there yet. The car was un drivable, it would overheat in no time, rough coughing and spluttering, water coming out of the exhaust, Jacuzzi in the radiator. Quote to repair was R9k. We purchased another 2 bottles of Gasket Magic (2 because just in case the 1st one didn’t work). Draining the radiator proved to be difficult on the Opel because there is no drain plug on the radiator and both inlet and outlet pipes are high up, which means about 50% of the radiator cannot drain out. We tried best we could to flush and then filled up again. We added the Magic as she ran like a tractor, missing and coughing and spluttering. Suddenly after about a minute or so we could smell something burning, a strange smell coming from the exhaust, we panicked and began searching for smoke etc but found nothing and realised it was the Magic induced water being burned it the cylinders, shortly after that it stopped smelling and suddenly she was idling beautifully. Temperature was stable, in fact way better than before. We let her idle for the correct amount of time and then drove her for about 40km, constantly checking the Temp gauge but she never faulted, she is still running well, and starts 1st kick in the morning. No more blown Head gasket!

Both our cars are driving normally thanks to Gasket Magic.

Shaun Pershouse, 1994 OPEL 1.6 GLE

This magic works like a charm I have been driving around checking my temp n water all is well your a engine saver …. thanx for your good service I m speechless 🙂

Karabo Tenehi

Iv purchased ur product gasket magic and would like to congratulate u on a excellent product .iv have endless gasket problems leaking due to using the same head bolts ,which is stretch bolts n I never knew cause according to Toyota the factory bolts are the non stretch type n thought I had the factory bolts in ,little knowing it was fongkong bolts .I kept replacing head gaskets n felt like my head gasket is gonna blow cause I was at my wits end ,sent the head for pressure testing n it came back k I put it on n use the same bolts ,started her up with splutter n spatter n waited for her to reach operating temp .then I poured ur magic in n after 2 min it started idling like new ,I followed all ur instructions n drove her moderately n wow I   was amazed power came back up ,I went racing at killarney with my car n she never let me down I can’t believe it she held up with all the beating I gave her n still going good the temp is good no leaks thanks a lot for ur help n great product ,I would definitely recommend ur magic n use it in future .do u guys have any gasket magic decals ir stickers I can put on my car for advertisement

Yazeed Isaacs

Hi good morning just feed back in your product I added a half bottle of gasket magic to my 2 liter subarus radiator yesterday after receiving the bottle,…so idle it for 10 minutes let it cool down and top it up…I am mutch surprised that the bubbling in the radiator is gone and no more pushing out water to the overflow bottle also no pressure in radiator when cap is removed.

I can really commend this product to any one….let me just add I did by a product for nearly R700 whitch failed the test.

Kobus Combrink

Tips & Tricks

If you have oil in your radiator, first make sure if it’s really oil, or if it’s transmission fluid, because they can be mistaken.

Check to see if you are using or losing any of the two – if it is transmission fluid, you might experience problems with the gear shifting, either sticking or slipping. The transmission fluid also runs through the radiator to be cooled off, and this is often where the problem starts. In this case you probably need a new radiator and Gasket Magic won’t really help.

If it is oil, Gasket Magic could work, depending on where and how bad the leak is. The oil pressure is higher than the water pressure, that’s why it forces the oil through the leak towards the coolant. In this case Gasket Magic might seal the leak from the “outside”, as opposed to having the opportunity to move completely “though” the crack and seal it from the “inside”.

However, if you have water in your oil, Gasket Magic will always fix that, and you should find that after a few days of driving, even your oil would be clear again.

We have found many people whose car’s head gaskets were so bad, that the car won’t even start any more.

The reason is simple. The radiator water leaks through to the combustion chamber and eventually wets the spark plugs so badly, that they can’t fire anymore. Then while the rest of the spark plugs are trying to keep the motor going, the affected ones are building up oil deposits which makes it even worse.

Eventually your motor just konks in. If you haven’t seized it first!

Here’s what to do :

Remove and clean your spark plugs. (They should be dry and slightly white or greyish powdery if they were working well.) Put them back and make sure all the cables are secured properly.

If you can then get the engine started, stop it and put Gasket Magic in the radiator immediately, so that the Gasket Fix can start working. If your motor can’t run long enough (five to ten minutes), so that the Gasket Fix will seal the leaks, try bypassing the thermostat (ok, maybe this is mechanic stuff, but still way easier and cheaper than replacing the head gasket or even skimming your head). Thousand of Rands cheaper!

This will enable Gasket Magic to get to the leaks immediately, without waiting for the motor to warm up.

Instead of bypassing the thermostat – you can also fill the radiator with boiling water.It is often easier to drain the radiator and fill with boiling water than to remove the thermostat.

As above, remove and clean your spark plugs. (They should be dry and slightly white or greyish powdery if they were working well.) Put them back and make sure all the cables are secured properly.

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